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My First Used Supermini Car

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Right so I’m in the market looking to buy a Supermini car, the reason being is I’m still young and it makes perfect sense due the fact they’re affordable, cheap to run and fun to drive. I have looked into 8 potential Superminis that I’m looking at buying, as finding the perfect one has become very tough due to the amount of new models which are coming out which are better than ever.

The first Supermini I looked at was a Used Toyota Aygo. The main reason being is that for my age it’s relatively cheap to buy and also cheap to insure which forms the main part of my criteria. It also seems to drive very well and has the Go-Kart feel which makes it fun and enjoyable to drive especially driving around the city. The only pitfall for me is that I’m at university so I do a fair bit of motorway driving to and from home so often have lots of things to bring home and the boot space is minuscule and awkward to load. The second supermini I’ve considered is a Used Seat Ibiza the main reason being is its style and its enjoyment to drive which make its one of the best driving superminis available, a potential negative is the lack of space in the rear but that’s irrelevant for me but can imagine it’s not ideal if you have a family, unlike the Aygo the boot space is an adequate size and similar to its rivals. Next up is the Used Peugeot 1007, this is very similar in looks to a vast amount of superminis these days but it does have sliding doors which is a rare touch and does make it easier to get out especially in those tight parking spaces. The problem I feel with this car is the weight is heavy meaning that the performance and the drive does suffer. Used Hyundai i20  is the next supermini I considered and matches my criteria like the Aygo in terms of being good value for money and low running costs and has plenty of kit on the inside. The downside of this vehicle is that it’s not as much fun to drive as some of the other superminis I’ve deliberated. The Second Hand Mazda 2 is a worthy contender to be my first supermini as the car is fun, reliable and most practical on the market and definitely one of the most spacious in this category with plenty of head and legroom in the rear and a large boot compared to its rivals. The bad points with this vehicle are that I don’t necessarily need a family sized car and there is not enough equipment in the car and the interior isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. Second Hand Nissan Note  is the next option and is definitely something different compared to the other cars in this market.  The car has a quirky design and is very spacious compared to its competitors although when doing long distances the engine noise can get irritating and the ride can be quite firm and unsettling which isn’t exactly ideal for me. Second Hand Kia Picanto is another car I’ve considered purely for the fact that you get lots of car for the money, spacious and well equipped which matches what I need but unfortunately it’s got a small boot and sluggish performance which won’t be ideal during my motorway drives. A different type of supermini all together is the Second Hand Used Mitsubishi i-MiEV its super low running cost are a no brainer and its completely silent as well as being narrow in shape which makes it easy to nip in and out of small gaps. The car is too expensive to buy unfortunately, which is the case with most electric cars at the moment and the limited range means my trips to and from university will prove difficult.


Moreover, after carefully considering the superminis on offer I think they one which suits me best is the Seat Ibiza down to the fact its stylish, fun to drive, fairly cheap to drive and has adequate boot space for my university travels.


My Favorite Convertible

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Although we may not have the warmest climate here in the UK the British buyers love convertibles.  Maybe the lack of sun means that we take full advantages of the rare days when it’s hot. If you’re in the market for a convertible there is plenty of choice ranging from affordable and run options to luxury offerings. I have decided to compile a list of the various convertibles I would recommend.

The first is the Used Audi TT. This car has a good sense of style about it and its extremely fun to drive and has a top quality interior and won’t break the bank to run either. The TT in this class rival the likes of the Second Hand BMW Z4 and it truly is a superb car. The most current model was launched in 2007 after the previous model had been around for 10 years.  Keeping the same iconic shape but making a few changed to keep it looking sport and modern.  The cons with this car are that it doesn’t have any rear seats and the boot is particularly small.

The next convertible to make it is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet. The E-Class isn’t just stylish and comfortable but it’s one of the few in its class which is also comfortable to drive with the roof down as it is closed and offers draught-free open top driving. Being a Mercedes this vehicle is a more expensive option in the convertible range. The E-Class unfortunately only comes with a fabric roof instead of some of its rivals folding hard tops and when the roof is up the interior can also feel slightly claustrophobic.

The Second Hand Mazda MX-5 is a definite contender for my favourite convertible and rightly so. It may not be the quickest but it’s a true sports car and is one of the best in its class for driver enjoyment. In all the time it’s been out it’s barely changed in that time and still as popular as ever. The MX-5 has a reasonable price tag and performance of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it and also a very reliable car too. Like most convertibles the interior is quite cramped and has a small boot.


Another convertible which I felt needed to be on this list was the Used Volkswagen Golf. The convertible version has the identical interior and excellent build quality as the hatchback version. The Cabriolet version allows you to enjoy the sunshine (when we get it) without having to compromise quality or performance and is fun and a sensible choice. The Golf Cabriolet version is quite expensive but does hold its value better than most rivals and like the other rivals has a small boot.