A Class Review

My Mom recently got herself a Mercedes Benz A Class from a family friend who had barley drove it, it is a nice white one so it is right up my street. She has added me to my insurance so I thought I would take it for a spin and maybe use this blog for an actual reason rather than just talking about pink cars ha. For me there are a few things that I judge a care by, first of how easy is it to park.

The second hand Mercedes A Class was a little bit bigger than anything I usually drive, however, it wasn’t too hard to park at all, especially with the parking assist technology that was super helpful. Therefore I cant fault the Mercedes A Class in this respect. Secondly I like my car to feel like an extension of my handbag, with plenty of nifty storage units for sunglasses, lippy, gloss, face wipes, eyeliner, blusher, hair brush, eye shadow and a good mirror so I can get myself looking pretty when I get stuck in traffic. I must admit it was great for that, it is an automatic so the elimination of a proper gear stick made for extra room for storage space. The sun visor mirrors also had lights on either side meaning I can use them at night, a luxury that I’m not used to, so again the Mercedes gets top marks.


Thirdly, boot space. I like to use the boot as an extension for my wardrobe. It should be able to store ample shoes, loads of PJs, for any spontaneous slumber parties, uggs, and basically, any left over clothes that were making my room look untidy. The Mercedes A Class boot was adequate enough, though after a weekend with the girls some stuff did start making its way onto the parcel shelf, so I give the boot space a 3 out of 5.

Finally, how does it look? The A-Class was actually a pleasant surprise. When my mom told me she was getting one I think I was picturing something closer to a second hand Mercedes Benz R Class for some reason.


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