Used Mini Cars

Used Mini Cars seem to be very common amongst young girls like myself! But this isn’t just because its a fad, there is a very good reason for this! The MINI is a very popular choice on the used car market thanks to its retro styling and the excellent driving experience it offers.

Launched back in 2001, the MINI pays homage to Sir Alec Issigonis’s revolutionary 1959 design. The original MINI was such a success for the British car industry that it stayed in production for forty-one years.

Over the past few years, the MINI brand has diversified and the company now offers a range of different models. All of which are popular choices on the used car market.

Used Mini Cars: Models

The MINI Hatch is the car which began the MINI renaissance back in 2001. Available in petrol, diesel and hot Cooper versions, the MINI Hatch is a popular car thanks to its good looks and rock-solid residuals. A facelift in 2007 added extra engines and saw some styling tweaks.

The MINI Convertible is a drop-top version of the Hatch, released in 2006. It combines the chic looks of the MINI Hatch with open-top thrills, making the MINI Convertible a popular used buy.


The MINI Clubman, launched in 2007, is the estate version of the MINI, providing family car practicality with all of the charm of the standard MINI.

Other popular used MINIs include the MINI Roadster, the MINI Coupe and the MINI Countryman.

There are a huge number of second-hand MINIs on the second hand car market from both dealers and private sellers. It can be pretty hard to get to grips with it but sites likeĀ will help you find a great deal wherever you are in the UK.

When I was 14/15 it was very much a dream of mine to have a little Mini or a Beetle. Very stereotypical teenage girl “I Know”. But there are few cars more pretty than a little mini with pink racing stripes!

used mini cars


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